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The following pricing is for each letter or character your phrase or quote has (in Canadian Funds):

  • 1" or 2" (2 to 60 characters) = $0.70 per letter or character
  • 1" or 2" (61 - 100 characters) = $0.50 per letter or character
  • 1" or 2" (101 - 150 characters) = $0.40 per letter or character
  • 1" or 2" (151 plus characters) = $0.30 per letter or character
  • 3" - $1.00 / Character (Two Letters or more)
  • 4" - $1.10 / Character (Two Letters or more)
  • 5" - $1.20 / Character (Two Letters or more)
  • 6"-  $1.30 / Character (Two Letters or more)
  • 7"-  $1.50 / Character (Two Letters or more)
  • 8" - $1.75 / Character (Two Letters or more)
  • 9" - $2.00 / Character (Two Letters or more)
  • **Up to 22" high.  Please email us for a price is wanting larger than a 9" font size.
FOR ON-LINE ORDERS ONLY (not ordered through a consultant) the following statement will apply:
**Please note that there is a minimum charge of $30.00 before shipping and applicable tax (if any) for all on-line web orders.  This is due to the time required for administration, overhead and design of orders, we can not process any orders under this amount.   Any order less than the min. $30.00 amount, will automatically be quoted and priced as $30.00.   Thanks!

When choosing a "half inch" like 2.5" font or 3.5" font, it would be the difference between the font price above and the font price below.  For example a 2.5" font would be $.85 per character, as a 2" font is $.70 per character and a 3" font is $1.00 for character so the 2.5" font is the difference between the two prices.   Please count your punctuation as a character.

***** Any single individual phrases over 60 characters long, when choosing a 3" font or larger will receive a discounted price:
61 - 100 characters  = 10% discount
101 - 150  characters = 15% discount
151 plus characters = 20% discount. 
This is only on a single phrase.

*****The discounted rate on letters 2 inch and smaller has to do with individual single phrases.. This discount  is only on single phrases, not on numerous phrases grouped together.

**** The Price for just One Individual Letter (10" and smaller) is $3.00

15" height up to 22" height are $20.00 each.

Need a Proof? - No Problem!

When ordering a custom phrase, and it has more than one font within the phrase, you may wish to see how it looks before ordering it.  In this case, please forward the details to me, and I can provide you with a proof of how it will actually look, with exact size mentioned.

However, if you want to just "see" what your lettering will look like in a particular font, please use the "custom font preview" viewing page on the left hand link.  This is what it is for.  If  you want to know how long your  phrase will be, just email me and I can let you know.  If you can "see" what your phrase  will look like by using the custom font preview page, and I "tell" you how large it will be, there is no need to see an actual proof.  Proofs are more for phrases that have more than one font used in them or for special request phrases.

There will be 10 mins. of free design time for custom phrases.  (approx. 2 design proofs)  If you need to continually revise and there  has already been ample time spent on a proof,  design time will need to be charged for at $60.00 per hour.   This is to keep our flow of business efficient and to ensure delivery of phrases in a timely manner.

Creating Art is easy....Designing is the hardest thing to do... With Art, you are creating what is inside your own mind... with designing you are trying to create something in someone's elses mind.

* Premium Fonts:  There are 6  fonts that have exagerated descenders and ascenders (hang lower than most or have some taller letters) so an additional 50% will be added to the price to allow for material usage. These fonts are: Papyrus, Dr. Seuss, Le Griffe, Zapfino 1&3, and Scriptina.  When using these 6 fonts, if you choose a 3 inch height phrase for example, it may turn out to be approx. 7 inches in height, due to the exaggerated ascenders and descenders.  So the 50% price increase is because technically you should be paying closer to the price of a 6 or 7" font,  (as your phrase will end up 7" in height) but yet are only paying the price of a 3" font, as that is the size the 3" font  ends up being, due to the exaggerated ascenders and descenders. 
There are also extra wide and "chunky" fonts and these are also premium fonts, as the length of a line done in this font, will often be twice the length of a line in a regular font.  So again, the 50% price increase will apply to these fonts:
American Unical
Baveuse 3D

Copperplate Gothic Bold
Grafitti Treat
Dry Goods
Johnny Lunchpail
Serpentine Bold

When figuring out the height size of your letters, you need to consider the following:

When choosing a letter height, you are choosing the height of a regular capital letter like a capital "A". Lower case letters will obviously be shorter than the capitals. Drop down letters like a "g" will be similar in total height size to a capital. But drop down capitals like a handwritten "J" will obviously be taller in height than your regular capital "A".

For example: When choosing a 3 inch letter size quote. The capital "A" will be 3 inches and so will the letter "h". A small letter "a" will be shorter than 3 inches. A handwritten "J" will be more like 4.5 inches in height because it is both tall and also drops down. (but yet you are still paying for the 3" font, whether it drops down and is larger than 3" or is short like a lower case "a" and is less than a 3" letter.)   If you only have a certain amount of space to work with, like above kitchen cupboards, please specify the maximum height you have to work with. "

The Overall Height and Length of a phrase will vary according to the font chosen.  Some fonts have wider/narrower letters and some have taller/shorter ascenders and descenders.


Prices of phrases are not counted by by the size of each individual letter, but by the font size of the capital letter which is the font size you pick for the ENTIRE phrase.  It is not done on an individual letter basis as the height of the capital (which is the font size chosen for the entire phrase, uses the same amount of material all the way across the height of the phrase. whether it is a capital "A" or a lower case "a" letter.    A  2" lower case letter and a 3" lower case letter are not only different in height but are also different in length, and that is why a 2" font phrase and a 3" font phrase will be significantly different in both height and length. 

You can now determine the price for any saying you would like for your wall.  Simply decide how tall you would like it, and then count up the characters.

The length of the saying is dictated by the height of the saying. However, we can create items to fit specific locations, it is just a matter of letting us know what you would like to do.

Please note this change with our regular decorative addons:
Decorative addons are priced according to the height or width of the symbol (whichever is greater)
(inch = dollars) :  $1.00 per inch up to 13" design... after that, if the design is detailed it is $1.50 per inch, and if it is extremely detailed it would be $1.75 per inch.   if you are unsure, just ask us.

  • up to and including 2" tall or 2" length  - $2.00 each
  • 3" tall or 3"  length - $3.00 each
  • 4" tall or 4" length  - $4.00 each
  • if the length (or width) is greater than the height, then it would be based on $1.00 per inch of length.
  • we can do larger format designs but anything over 22" height needs a special quoted price.. they average $2.00 / inch.
The top two rows of flourishes are exceptions to this... they are $.50 per inch for the length, as they are very small in height... for example a long line flourish under your phrase that is 18" in length, the price for it would be $9.00.
All Stick People addons are $5.00 for a 5" and under.. if taller, they go up $1.00 per inch...example a 3" stick person is $5.00  and a 7" stick person is $7.00

When listing your decorative addons it is very important that you put the category that serial number is in.. we have to look up the category first in order to find the serial number.. without the category, we are having to search through every category looking for that serial number....thanks
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