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Application instructions for Word to the Wear Fabric Iron-On Vinyl

Your product will come stapled to a piece of Parchment Paper.

  1. Remove the staples from the product.

  2. Place the product sticky side down onto your fabric, how you want it to appear on the garment, in the location of your choice. You may move it around to get it in the right spot. (you can cut the design apart and put different parts in different locations if you wish.)

  3. Place the piece of parchment paper over top of the clear plastic which contains the design.

  4. Run an iron on cotton setting (300F) for 10 15 seconds over the image with medium pressure in a circular motion.

  5. Remove the parchment paper, and peel off the clear plastic top coat you do not have to allow the garment to cool this is a hot transfer product. If you notice the edges of the vinyl are not adhering to the fabric, you have not ironed long enough, and re-do the iron step. If after removing the top clear coat, you see any of the vinyl slightly raised, press down with your fingers to ensure all edges are adhered to the fabric.

  6. Allow the garment to cool before folding or storing.

  7. Wash and Dry your fabric just as you would any clothing product

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