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How to Apply your Vinyl Lettering:

It takes less than 10 minutes to transfer letters to your wall.

Your quote sheet comes as pre-spaced roll of letters made up of 3 layers:
  • Top layer = transfer sticking paper (through which you can see the letters)
  • Middle layer = the letters themselves
  • Bottom layer = white, shiny backing paper
It helps to think of your lettering sheet in 3D.

Easy steps to apply your letters:
  1. First, squeegee over your lettering to ensure it is sticking firmly to the transfer paper.
  2. Then, choose your desired wall location and place your lettering on your wall exactly the way it comes. Use small pieces of masking tape to hold it into place.
  3. Then measure your letters to either the ceiling or floor, whichever is easier to ensure your phrase is straight. Make sure you measure from the letters themselves, not the white paper your letters come on as this may not be straight. Choose letters at the beginning, middle, and end of your phrase that are similar to each other and are the same level height at the bottoms as each other. (none drop down further than the other).
  4. Measure the distance between the bottoms of these letters and the floor or ceiling to ensure the same distance all along the phrase.
  5. Adjust straightness of phrase as needed by pulling up masking tape, adjusting and re-taping in place.
  6. Once phrase is straight, place a long piece of masking tape along the entire top of your phrase.
  7. Flip up the lettering and peel the backing paper off. The masking tape is now working as a hinge.
  8. Then flip the lettering down, pulling down into place with no wrinkles.
  9. rub over the lettering (with the squeegie) to securely adhere them to your wall. Work from the top center down and out.
Squeegie = ruler, credit card, spatula, anything with a flat hard end.

Carefully peel off the transfer sticking paper to reveal your letters. Pull at an angle and watch that your letters are all sticking to your wall. If you notice that any letters are pulling up with the transfer paper, re-rub onto the wall, or help pull it off with your fingers and smooth it onto the wall.

You’re Done!

**It is recommended that you apply your lettering within 90 days of receiving it.
and waiting at least one week after painting your wall before applying the lettering

How do I remove the lettering?

The vinyl is easy to remove.  It works well for both home owners and renters because they come off when you are ready for them to without damage to your wall.  To remove, pull up a corner of each letter by using your fingernail or tweezers and gently pull off the lettering in a downward motion.  If your wall lettering has been up for a longer period of time, you can soften them up by using a hair dryer to make it easier to remove.  If any sticky residue is left, use alcohol or goo-gone.  If you notice any paint starting to come off with your letters, stop immediately and warm your lettering with a blow dryer.  Peel or curl the vinyl in a downward motion, rather than pulling straight outward.  10% of wall paint may fleck off with the vinyl lettering when removing.  This is standard for all vinyl lettering.  Word to the wall can not be held responsible for damage to any paint or surface.  We speak from our experience, and can not insure that all experiences will be the same.  Please wait at least 3 weeks for new paint to dry and cure before applying letters. 

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